Flooring: Cleaning Garage Floor



It can help prevent oils and residues from being tracked into your home when you have a clean garage floor. Remember, a regular maintenance of your floor will avoid needed repair and incurred cost in the future. Before starting to clean, clear and tidy the floor. Before mopping the floor, it is a must pretreat any oil, grease, or rust stains. You should scrub it using a broom, power washer, or buffer and a strong cleaning solution if your garage is made of a concrete floor. A gentler method should be done if your floor is coated in epoxy. To do this, just simply dust and wipe away the mess with very little scrubbing.

Clear the floor

Start removing anything from the garage floor that isn’t nailed down before starting to clean. While you are cleaning, loose objects may get in the way. It may result in damaged during the process of cleaning which may be avoided in the first place. Until you are done the cleaning, move all items including cars, bikes, tools, basins, boxes, and other items out of the garage.

If you are self-assured that they will not be in the way of any water spray, hoses, or soap, you may leave items on shelves.

Cover drywall and outlets

For safety, pin or tape a plastic drop cloth or tarp to the walls at least 3 feet up from the floor. Any drywall or electrical outlets must be covered by this cloth before starting to clean. The purpose of this is to protect your walls from water damage and stains.

Sweep the floor

You should sweep the floor with a broom before you apply any cleaning solution or water. This will eliminate accumulated dirt, dust, and large debris out of the way. Use a dustpan to collect and throw away in the dustbin.

Removing Stains

For spills, mop up right away. Always clean it up pronto if you spill oil or another solution on your garage floor. It will be harder to clean later on as these liquids can set in the floor. To mop up the mess, use paper towels or reusable rags.


On a rust stain, lemon juice or vinegar can do the works. Try pouring lemon juice or vinegar on the stain if you have rust stains on a concrete floor. Scrub the stain from the floor with the use of a scrub brush with stiff bristles.